Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more documentaries on the way?

American Consequences 2020 is our first documentary, hopefully of many. We're also interested in expanding it into a feature-length documentary.

However, we're new to the film business and still testing the waters. We'll let you know when we release our next documentary in our magazine and weekly e-mails.

What sort of topics should I expect the magazine to cover?

If you feel like you're never really getting the full story from the mainstream media... we agree. American Consequences is our way to bring the news that no one else will.

We've covered the rise in cryptocurrencies the summer before bitcoin went on its monster run... the "Escher Economy" in America where, like an Escher maze, there may be no way out... and even the massive transition between real and digital. Each issue we've introduced ideas like these, tried to look at them from all angles, and examined what they mean for you and your money. If any of these ideas are interesting to you, you can view a full archive of our past magazines here by clicking here.

What if I have a story I'd like to write or an article idea to suggest?

We're always looking for new ideas and great writers! Send us a note with a brief outline of your proposed story at [email protected]

How do I contact you?

Send the editorial team an e-mail message at [email protected]